ConvertKit vs Sendy

ConvertKit and Sendy are two of the most popular email marketing services in 2021 - but which one is the best?

Sendy vs ConvertKit: What Are The Differences?

In this article we put ConvertKit to the test against Sendy to see which email marketing platform comes out on top! Both services have pro’s and con’s – keep reading to learn more and see which is the better choice for your campaigns!

Side by Side Comparison

ConvertKit Overview

ConvertKit is better if you need a full email marketing platform. Unlike Sendy, ConvertKit has a built in drag and drop marketing automation platform – in addition to the ability to send broadcasts and newsletters.


ConvertKit has a drop and drop email marketing app that makes building advanced flows easy – even for beginners. There are a number of pre-built templates, build your own or import campaigns from another service.

Landing Pages and Forms

Landing pages and forms are usually the most difficult part of any campaign. ConvertKit has a built in library of landing pages and forms that can be embedded into almost any website (or hosted on your domain). It uses an easy to customize drag and drop builder so you can create highly custom pages for any type of campaign.


Sequences are the core of any email marketing campaign. While both Sendy and ConvertKit have sequence functionality ConvertKit has more functionality so it is a little better if you need to build advanced campaigns that integrate with other triggers.


Broadcasts – AKA one time email blasts – are easy to do in both ConvertKit and Sendy – but are a little better in ConvertKit due to the advanced analytics the platform provides.

Email Templates

ConvertKit has a library of premade templates as well as built in email creation software. This makes it slightly easier to use than Sendy which only has a basic builder (in addition to the html import functionality).

Reporting Dashboard

No email sending software is complete without reporting. ConvertKit has advanced reporting that tracks the same things Sendy does but also feeds into the marketing automation system.

Sendy Overview

Sendy may have fewer features than ConvertKit but it does offer a few advantages – especially if you already have a large email list and don’t need advanced marketing automation features.

Brands and Clients

One of Sendy’s main advantages is the ability to manage multiple brands, client and websites email marketing from one location. Sendy allows you to register and run an unlimited of brands using the same installation.


Sendy can send one time email blast and timed sequence campaigns. It has built in testing functionality and can add things like UTM variables and track the open rate of each email you send.

SES Integration

Since Sendy is self hosted you will need to create and AWS SES API key in order to send emails. Using the SES API gives you a high deliverability rate and a cost that is much lower than the monthly ConvertKit feeds.

Hosting Requirements

Sendy is self hosted – which means you will have to install the PHP app on a server and maintain it yourself. Luckily this is easy to do and takes about 20 minutes to set up the first time.

Start Sending Better Emails

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What Are The Differences?

ConvertKit offers a cloud hosted email marketing and automation platform – at a higher monthly cost. Sendy on the other hand offers few features but can be purchased for a one time fee, plus a monthly server cost.

Which is better: ConvertKit or Sendy?

Both are good choices. ConvertKit is better if you need marketing automation functionality while Sendy is better if you are sending large email blasts to a pre-existing list of subscribers.

Our Final Say

Both ConvertKit and Sendy are good choices for email marketing – but they are designed with different users in mind. ConvertKit has more advanced features and is easier for less experienced markets but does cost more per month. Sendy is better for expert email marketers looking to send emails to existing list at a low cost.


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