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Interested in switching to Sendy but not sure if it is the right for your agency, in house team or affiliate campaigns? Our team of expert email marketers put together a detailed guide with everything you need to know about moving from your current email provider, setting up autoresponders and sending email blasts!

Sendy has quickly become of of the most popular Mailchimp alternatives and competitors – if you are still paying high monthly fees to email your list we recommend moving your campaigns over right away!

Start Sending Better Emails

Stop wasting time with over priced email marketing platforms and move your campaigns and autoresponders over to Sendy with help from AWS SES!


The first question people have when they hear about Sendy is what features does it have? Most people are worried that they will be missing out on important functionality for their campaigns! Fortunately, Sendy has almost all of the features and functionality of big name competitors like Mailchimp, Aweber and Constant Contact! Lets take a quick look at some of the most important features you will need for your campaigns!

Multiple Clients & Brands

One of the most important features for agencies is the ability to manage campaigns for multiple clients. Sendy allows you to add an unlimited number of clients to a single server – the only limitations are your server’s power and the SES API!

Whitelabel for Clients

Another important feature for digital agencies that offer email marketing is the ability to white label. Sendy can be 100% white labeled – using your agencies logo and domain name (via a record). You can even charge clients per email that they send via paypal!


Sendy does not have a drag and drop editor but it does have a built in WYSIWYG editor that is good for making basic edits. Building and designing emails inside Sendy is a little difficult – which is why we recommend building and uploading your own email template!

GDPR Compliance

Staying GDPR complaint is important if you want to avoid a big fine! Sendy allows you to tag emails with a “GDPR Complaint” tag so you never have to worry about sending emails to the wrong person and making the legal department mad!

Custom Fields

Good email marketing campaigns use custom fields to dynamically populate information and are key to sending profitable campaigns. Sendy supports custom fields from CSV uploads and via the API!

Bounce & Unsubscribe Management

Every email lists has bounces and unsubscribes – luckily Sendy has built in list (automatic) management to keep your deliverability and open rates high!

Single and Double Optin

Different campaigns require different levels of optins. Sendy can automatically mange single and double optin email campaigns so you only send to the best leads with confirmed email addresses.

Built in Reporting

Digital marketing campaigns require reporting. Sendy has a built in reporting dashboard and can automatically add UTM parameters to end of every link in your email!

Subscriber Management

Managing and controlling your list is key. Sendy makes subscriber management easy with the addition of the House Keeping section (added in update 4.0).

This new section allows you to do the following:

  • Remove unconfirmed email optins
  • Remove inactive subscribers

We recommend checking this section at least once per month for every client to keep you lists clean and open rates high – after no one wants to get their AWS SES api access suspended!

Blacklists & Blocked Domains

Sometimes you will have a list of emails – or domains – you never want to send emails. Respect peoples request not to receive your emails forever by adding it to a Blacklist or blocking the entire domain!

CSV & API Import

Import subscribers – and custom fields – via the API with POST request, with a CSV or even manually!

Start Sending Better Emails

Stop wasting time with over priced email marketing platforms and move your campaigns and autoresponders over to Sendy with help from AWS SES!

Amazon SES

Sendy is hosted on your server – but uses the AWS SES API to send out emails. That means you can send large campaigns lightening fast – without worry about landing in the inbox! Before you start sending you need to do the following:

  1. Set up your AWS account
  2. Create a SES API key
  3. Verify your domain and email address
  4. Load API key into Sendy
  5. Start sending emails!

Sending Autoresponder Emails​

Sendy is an excellent choice for hosting and sending autoresponder email campaigns. Let’s review each step in setting up and sending your drip campaigns!

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Upload your email templates
  2. Set the delay between each email
  3. Add you email lists and launch

Sending Newsletters Emails​

Sendy specializes in sending email blasts without costing you an arm and a leg. We recommend using it for agencies and in house teams with a large list – especially if you do not need a bunch of fancy marketing automation features.


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