Sendy Installation Guide



Installing Sendy on your server is easy! You can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes even if you have no experience installing PHP applications or setting up an AWS SES API key. We put together step by step installation instructions to help you get started on all the most popular web hosts!

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Hosting with Cloudways

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Hosting with Digital Ocean

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Installation Video Guide

Are you a visual learner that does best with a video guide? 

Watch this video to learn how to install Sendy!

1. Download Sendy files

Start by downloading the files you receive in your email after purchasing to your desktop and extracting the the .zip files. The download link is in the same email as your Sendy license!

2. Create MySQL Database

Next, setup a MySQL database and write down the MySQL Username, Password and Database name somewhere safe – you will need this information in step 3. Most hosting providers make creating new databases easy by providing 1 click installers but on some hosts like AWS you might have to create it from the command line!

3. Update config.php

Open config.php – located inside the /includes/ – folder with your favorite text editor (we recommend using VS Code). Then update the following bold information:

/* Set the URL to your Sendy installation (without the trailing slash) */
define('APP_PATH', 'Installation URL HERE');

/* MySQL database connection credentials (places values between apostrophes) */
$dbHost = 'localhost';
$dbUser = 'Username';
$dbPass = 'Password';
$dbName = 'Database name';

4. Upload files via FTP

Next, upload the files to your host via FTP! If everything went correctly you should be able to load your installation URL and move on to step 5!

5. Run Installer

Navigate to your installation URL and finish installation.

6. Setup AWS SES API key

Before you start sending we need to setup our SES API key. Create an AWS and login in to your Management Portal and start setting up your key. You will need to verify your domain and set up a few other items before you can start sending! Once you have you key copy and paste it into your settings.

7. Start sending emails!

You have no installed Sendy on your server and are ready to start sending emails!


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