Sendy vs Mailwizz

Sendy and Mailwizz are two of the most popular self hosted email marketing platforms in 2024 - but which one is best for you?

Sendy vs Mailwizz: What Are The Differences?

Our team looked closely at Mailwizz and Sendy to find out which one is the top self-hosted email marketing tool in 2024. Both of these options have their own good points and not-so-good points. Keep reading to see if Mailwizz or Sendy is the better pick for your team!

Side by Side Comparison

Mailwizz Overview

MailWizz is a powerful tool similar to Sendy but with more features for all your email marketing needs. It’s great for sending out big email campaigns and makes it easy to handle your subscribers and improve your emails without needing the complex features like Sendy has. If you want a simple, strong email tool you can run yourself, MailWizz is a great pick. It’s user-friendly and packed with everything you need to get your email marketing right.


MailWizz features an intuitive campaign builder that simplifies the creation and management of email campaigns. While it doesn’t rely on a drag-and-drop interface for automation triggers, it compensates with a user-friendly environment for importing HTML templates and leveraging third-party integrations for advanced email marketing strategies.

Landing Pages and Forms

Like Sendy, Mailwizz does not offer a built in landing page builder, but it is easy to link forms up with both systems to import new subscribers.


MailWizz excels in the creation of detailed email sequences, providing users with the tools to initiate subscribers into a series of emails dispatched over predetermined intervals. This functionality ensures that subscribers are engaged with relevant content at the right times, enhancing the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.


Similar to Sendy, MailWizz offers robust broadcast capabilities, allowing seamless integration with external APIs for the distribution of large-scale email campaigns. This feature is bolstered by MailWizz’s support for various email sending services, including Amazon SES, SendGrid, and Mailgun, offering versatility in email delivery options.

Email Templates

MailWizz stands out with its comprehensive selection of free email templates and a developer-friendly platform that encourages customization and creativity. Users can design their email campaigns using the available templates or import their own HTML designs for a unique and personalized touch.

Reporting Dashboard

While MailWizz doesn’t specifically emphasize custom dashboards, it provides thorough documentation and support to help users track and analyze their email marketing campaigns’ performance. This approach ensures users can make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies for better engagement and conversion rates.

Sendy Overview

While Sendy may not boast as many features as Mailwizz, it offers significant benefits for those with large email lists who do not require the depth of marketing automation tools that Mailwizz provides.

Brands and Clients

A key strength of Sendy is its capacity to manage email marketing for multiple brands, clients, and websites all from a single dashboard. Sendy supports the registration and management of an unlimited number of brands under one installation, making it incredibly efficient for handling diverse email marketing efforts.


Sendy excels in dispatching both one-time email blasts and scheduled sequence campaigns. It comes with built-in functionality for A/B testing, and the ability to include UTM parameters for tracking, as well as tracking the open rates of each email sent.

SES Integration

Being a self-hosted solution, Sendy requires users to generate an AWS SES API key for email sending. The integration with SES ensures high deliverability rates at costs significantly lower than what you might expect with Mailwizz’s monthly fees.

Hosting Requirements

As a self-hosted platform, Sendy necessitates setting up the PHP application on a server, which users must maintain. However, the installation process is straightforward and can typically be completed in about 20 minutes, offering a simple setup for those looking to manage their email marketing infrastructure directly.

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What Are The Differences?

Mailwizz offers a self-hosted email marketing and automation platform, available for a one-time purchase fee, eliminating the need for monthly subscription costs. In contrast, Sendy provides a simpler set of features but also operates on a one-time purchase model, with the added necessity of monthly server hosting fees.

Which is better: Sendy or Mailwizz?

Both Sendy and Mailwizz are excellent options. However, Mailwizz emerges as the better choice for those seeking a comprehensive email marketing solution with extensive customization options and the flexibility of a self-hosted platform. On the other hand, Sendy is preferable for users primarily focused on sending large email blasts to an existing subscriber list, thanks to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Our Final Say

Both Sendy and Mailwizz serve the email marketing arena well, yet they cater to distinct audiences. Mailwizz stands out with its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, suitable for marketers of varying skill levels, and is a one-time purchase that could offer long-term cost savings. Sendy, on the other hand, appeals to seasoned email marketers who prioritize sending emails to an existing list at a lower cost, with its affordability being a key advantage, especially when considering the ongoing server costs. In the end, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, self-hosted email marketing solution with a broad range of features, Mailwizz is the superior choice. However, for those with a focus on simplicity and cost-efficiency for large-scale email campaigns, Sendy is unbeatable.

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